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Saturday, September 24 2011 6:30pm - 9:00pm PROWL Wrestling: Reign of Terror 650blo11

    Saturday, September 24 2011 6:30pm - 9:00pm PROWL Wrestling: Reign of Terror


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    Saturday, September 24 2011 6:30pm - 9:00pm PROWL Wrestling: Reign of Terror Empty Saturday, September 24 2011 6:30pm - 9:00pm PROWL Wrestling: Reign of Terror

    Post by ninja on Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:31 am

    Time: Saturday, September 24 · 6:30pm - 9:00pm
    Location: Cleveland Assembly Hall
    44 Smith St, Cleveland
    Brisbane, Australia

    More Info
    PROWL makes its debut at Cleveland Assembly Hall, the site of many memorable moments and matches in Queensland wrestling history. Now, PROWL wants to be a part of that legacy. Come to Cleveland Assembly Hall and see PROWL blow the roof off the place as only we know how to do it!

    Food, drink and merchandise will be available. Tickets are just $10. Card to be announced soon!

    Check into, and follow our progress on Facebook!

    Main Event

    The Warship vs. Jade Diamond for the PROWL Heavyweight Title

    At Night of Revolution on Saturday, July 23, The Warship became PROWL's first ever titleholder, the Heavyweight champion. He did this by defeating an iconic name in Queensland wrestling, Mason Childs, in a back and forth battle, ending with Warship hitting his Sun Tzu Driver for the pin. Also at NOR, Jade Diamond defeated fellow New Zealander Jimmy Sparks in a contender-ship match. This is Warship's first test as champion, and he will surely not want his reign of terror to end already, but then again, Diamond wont want to be Warship's first victim!

    HULK! Division

    Braithe Priest vs. Slade Mercer

    The big Tasmanian Braithe Priest came to PROWL at Collision Course, and had a hard fought match with eventual PROWL champion, The Warship. Now, he comes back with a purpose, and has formed some sort of business agreement with the suspended Wayne "The Maniac" Mattei. But in his way of enforcing his will on PROWL is Slade Mercer, a former New Zealand Heavyweight champion, now residing in Queensland. This will be Slade's first time in PROWL, and will not want to be a stepping stone for whatever plans the Maniac has conjured up with Priest.

    A Dynasty Returns!

    Mason Childs vs. Hayden Zenith

    Cleveland Assembly Hall has been a memorable venue for Mason, having performed and ran his own live events from this building numerous times in the past. Now, Mason returns to the venue with no grudges or hatred - he's coming to have another memorable moment. His opponent is Hayden Zenith, from the EPW promotion in Perth. EPW is renowned for training great athletes, and Zenith is no exception. The EPW import will not wish to shed a tear for Mason, and nor will Mason expect sympathy. Regardless, a dynasty will return on September 24th!

    QOTP Tournament Qualifier

    Storm vs. ?

    In a Queen of the Pride tournament match, Storm will face off against an unnamed opponent. Storm debuted at Proving Ground in August, scoring a big win over Niki Nitro. She will be looking to take that form into this match, but is disadvantaged by not actually knowing who her opponent will be. This has caused great distress for PROWL owner Greg Prowse, who admitted on the PROWL website that this was a concern. Whoever is pulling the strings behind this match will hopefully be revealed in due time, but Storm is ready for any challenge and will undoubtedly want to be the first tournament winner.

    Logan City Enforcers vs. The Farrar Brothers

    Two of the biggest and most rugged tag teams will go head to head in an Anything Goes match - no DQ's, no count-outs. LCE and the Farrars preciously collided at Proving Ground on August 28th, a match that had people scattering from their seats as both teams brawled over every inch of Hemmant Hall. Another factor is the manager of LCE - Jason Frost. Frost has taken full advantage of PROWL owner Greg Prowse's decision to make him a manager. Now, Frost aims his Enforcers up into battle, and hopefully no walls or doors will be damaged this time around!

    MC Mitch Cutting vs. Renegade

    MC will be looking to redeem himself from his loss to Jade Diamond at Proving Ground, especially since The Warship will be present this time at Reign of Terror.

    Kelso Kahoniz/Silver Dragon vs. Lynx/Mystery vs. Harley/Rose

    Wild triple threat tag action sure to give ROT a real jumpstart! Also, a great opportunity for one of these teams to go up the ranks by getting a win.

    More information here:

    Weapons Plus Martial Arts Supplies And Equipment

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    Saturday, September 24 2011 6:30pm - 9:00pm PROWL Wrestling: Reign of Terror Brown-10

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