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    October 15 2011 NAAFS ★CAGED FURY 15★ MMA


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    October 15 2011 NAAFS ★CAGED FURY 15★ MMA

    Post by ninja on Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:05 am

    Time: Saturday, October 15 · 5:00pm - 10:00pm
    I X Center
    One I-X Center Drive
    Cleveland, OH

    Created By: NAAFS Cage Fighting, Jazz Securo

    More Info
    Professional Featured Bouts

    155 TITLE – Dan Straus 22-5 (Vision MMA) vs Jason Dent 22-11(Griffon Rawl)
    170 lbs – Tiawan Howard 13-8 (Rising Dragon) vs TBA
    205 lbs – Adam Milstead 10-3 vs TBA
    185 lbs – Tyler Beckley 4-1 (Demolition Fight Team) vs Kevin Zalac 11-1 (Next Level Jiu Jitsu)

    Preliminary National Amateur Semi-Final Bouts

    115 lbs – Rebecca Gruitza 2-1 (Team Bundy) vs TBA
    135 lbs – Nate Mango 12-6 (Independent) vs Isaiah Chapman 11-1 (Rock Hard MMA)
    145 lbs -Mark Cherico 8-0 (PTT) vs Russ Blretrick 6-4 (Independent Crew)
    145 lbs – Francis Healy 7-2 (Mad Dog Fight Team) vs Mike Putnam 4-2 (Team Titan)
    155 lbs – Khama Worthy 6-2 (PTT) vs Josh Kallai 3-0 (Evolve MMA)
    155 lbs – Bill Algeo 3-0 (Team Titan) vs Kenny Jackson 7-4 (Evolve MMA)
    170 lbs – Dave Vandevelde 6-0-1 (Kim’s Martial Arts) vs Bill Morosetti 7-3 (H2O MMA)
    170 lbs – Nick Kilian 7-2 (Gracie Cleveland) vs Dave Gabig 5-2 (PTT)
    185 lbs – John Burbol 5-3 (Griffon Rawl) vs Dave Lastafka 4-0 (Vanyo Fight Team)
    185 lbs – Steve Burton 6-1 (Evolve MMA) vs Cory Bresson 5-2 (Warrior MMA)
    265 lbs – Nathan Bryant 8-5 (Ground Zero) vs Nick Dowe 3-2 (Kim’s Martial Arts)

    *All bouts subject to change

    For more information see this page:

    Weapons Plus Martial Arts Supplies And Equipment

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