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    Helpfull Information To Get You Started


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    Post by ninja on Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:33 am

    If you have just registered a good please to start is the introduce yourself section of our forum

    A bit about the forum this is a mixed style forum there are mean topics but if we have not included your Martial Arts Style or System please let us know so we can add a new section to the forum for you. To recommended a new thread see this page:

    Errors If you see any errors on our forum please inform us so we can fix the issue.

    Rules of this forum.

    1) No swearing.
    2) We have the right to ban you without warning for being offensive, posting improper content, Posting spam messages or posting posts more than once on this forum.
    3) Please only link back to a website in a post if your post or comment has something to do with the topic. Signatures with links are ok.
    4) Please don't post oversize photos in the forum this will just slow down the forum for everyone.
    5) We have the right to edit your profile if we see that it needs to be changed in anyway.
    6) Please be descriptive when comment on threads or creating topics.
    7) When posting a new thread please make sure someone has not already made the topic thread. You can search here

    So Have fun I have worked very hard on this forum lots of cool stuff is posted here you don't have to be a martial artist to join you can be an UFC or MMA fan, Mother, father sister or brother of somebody that dose martial arts or MMA.

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